My Koomp is the Best Koomp Ever

Lucky for me I have a really smart husband, making my first venture into the world o’ blog an easy one. This weekend at Kris’s bachelorette party the internet went down, which was quite disasterous, since I needed directions to Billy Bob’s and had planned on just getting them that night. But then no internet. Plan B — call the Petey Pab, who was, quite predictably and even more fortunately, webbing in bed on his laptop. He graciously looked up directions and we made it to the Texas Dancehall quite well, thank you. But all to say — I just don’t know what I would do without that boy. He got home and it took him all of three seconds to fix what I spent thirty minutes trying to figure out. And then I think about how I really could get by without internet, but definitely not my Brian, and the reasons I love and am grateful for him go much further than computer debugging, or blog set-up for that matter.

So I’m really excited to be posting. I am notoriously awful at keeping in touch, because I hate to write just a little, so I end up never writing anything…it will be very interesting to see how this goes!

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