Welp…we got a blog

Howdy familia y amigos! The Coppell Rheas are now officially on the internet. Stay tuned for tidbits from our daily lives as well as pictures from our handy (and somehow still functional) Kodak Digicam.

Speaking of Coppell, that particular bit of the moniker is definitely temporary considering a recent development! Kristi Leigh told us about this website: www.findyourspot.com and for both of us the number one city was…Little Rock, Arkansas! Check out the site and take the quiz, it’s cool. Out of all those questions and the hundreds of possible cities we had the same number one and we took the quiz at different times revealing nothing until we’d both finished. As Iron and Wine say in a great, great track called “Such Great Heights”, “I’m taking it as a sign.”

One thought on “Welp…we got a blog”

  1. Hey there! Nice web site…I’m one of your distant cousins that our grandmother Mary told you about.

    If I’m ever up in Little Rock, I’ll look y’all up.

    If you’re ever in the DFW area, look me up. My website is below and it requires you use a Microsoft Passport to view it. If you don’t have one, they’re free accounts so sign up and take a look at my pics and blogs…


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