Green Thumbs and Red Eyes

You may have noticed in the “bookshelf” section in the left bar that I’m reading a book by a man named Wendell Berry. This guy is amazing. He’s an author, a farmer and a great thinker. In this particular book (he’s written somewhere around 20…this is the first I’ve read) he talks a lot about sustainable agribusiness and our duty as humans to be good stewards of the earth. So I’ve been reading some eloquently written passages about community involvement in farming and supporting your local farmer and I am completely on board. Completely.

Also, a week or so ago, my buddy Shaun and I went to hear a guy by the name of Harold Brown speak about some of the things Wendell Berry is talking about. Sustainability. Stewardship. Community. Farmer Brown’s talk (it wasn’t flambouyant enough to be called a speech, and we didn’t have to pay any tuition so you can’t call it a lecture ;)) was inspiring and it pushed me further in the direction of believing that unless we change the way we’re doing agribusiness there will be fierce consequences to pay. Visit his web site and click on the “Problems of Industrialized Farming” link for a more detailed explanation.

Anyway, this is to say that for all of my philisophical support of organic and community-supported farming, as well as responsible stewardship of the land, it dawned on me that we have only one living plant in our house and our lawn has a rapidly receding hair line! Determined to remedy the situation, I seeded the areas that needed the most immediate attention and I have been watering them daily (once in the morning, once at night). After I gauge my success (or lack thereof) with the smaller areas, I’ll tackle the lawn at-large. Additionally, Laura and I have potted some flowers, ferns, ivy and even a sweet-looking Elephant Ear plant. It’s amazing how much life these plants have added to our front porch and deck. We’ll have to see how adept we are at keeping them alive. We’re amateurs to be sure, but we’ve got Wendell Berry and Farmer Brown to inspire us to keep on trying.

Laura has also been hard at work on what is sure to be a tear-jerker of a slide show for Kristi Leigh’s fast-approaching rehearsal dinner. Every time I walk by the study, I see her staring deep in to the screen and listening closely as she times the fading of each picture perfectly with the rhythm of the accompanying song. We both love her job at IBC in the Adventure Zone, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about her over the past couple of years, it’s that if this Children’s Ministry gig doesn’t work out, there are several careers she could rocket to the top in. They include, but are not limited to: Real estate agent, Counselor, Travel Agent, Director of Customer Service for Target and now we can add Video Producer/Editor to the list.

3 thoughts on “Green Thumbs and Red Eyes”

  1. Cool!!! I will need a real estate agent hopefully in the near future so yall just need to move yourself back on up here and help me find a house!!! 😉 I really do enjoy your stories. Keep up the great work, both of you…

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