Is it already August?

The summer is officially nearly officially over. Today and tomorrow we have full days of in-service where a woman is speaking to us about “A Framework for Understanding Poverty”. The test scores for schools that have adopted the practices in the book are pretty encouraging, so I hope that we’re able to see those sorts of improvements at Polk over the next couple of years.

On Wednesday night we’re heading to Paris in anticipation of Kristi and Eric’s wedding on Saturday which is the perfect bookend for a great summer that began with Kari and Josiah’s wedding! Many a Swasko will be in from out-of-town so we’re going to spend Sunday and Monday at the lake house (which still doesn’t have a nickname) before returning to Dallas. Actually, I’m coming back on Monday night because teachers have to be back at work on Tuesday morning (the officially official end of the summer) and Laura is going to remain for a few more days.

I’m still anxiously watching the yard for signs of successful germination of the bermuda seeds I put down 8 days ago. I swear, if I spent $451 worth of water keeping those things moist with nothing to show for it I’m going to commission Wendell Berry himself to drive down here from Kentucky to get this lawn whipped in to shape.

One thought on “Is it already August?”

  1. sweet blog. truly.
    And if Wendell Berry does accept the commission, not that I want your lawn to fail so this could happen, but if he does accept the commission … then please give me a ring and I’ll come over. I have a few “how was the world made?”/”what is the meaning of life?” questions that I need him to discuss with me as he works on growing you some fresh St. Augustine grass. You need lawn growth; I need soul growth!!!

    (fyi – the grass will be St. Augustine because of the philosophical nature of mine and Berry’s discussion)


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