Rumination : Easy Mac

For lunch today, I took a couple of packets of Easy Mac and an apple. As I poured the powdered “cheese” in to the bowl of microwaved noodles (cheese absolutely has to be in quotes here…let’s be honest, that powder is as much cheese as Putin is pro-Democracy) it occurred to me that the Easy Mac product is an indication of just how far in the wrong direction our society has gone.

Easy Mac. As if the original Kraft Macaroni and Cheese was so difficult? Was boiling water, mixing in milk, butter and a pouch of orange chemical powder such a hassle that they’ve had to reduce it even further? I started to feel guilty! Instead of Easy Mac, shouldn’t it be called, “Wow. You Are Seriously Lazy Mac.” Or, “Are You Really In This Big of a Hurry Mac.”

Is that where I am? I can’t even take the time to prepare myself a proper lunch so I settle for “Look At What You’re Calling Sustenance Mac”. That is not where I want to be. No more Easy Mac for me. I’m done. I’m off of the poison and from here on out, it’s all-natural Central Market peanut butter and homemade jam sandwiches for me.

But who has time to make jam?

3 thoughts on “Rumination : Easy Mac”

  1. Well I can honestly say I have never had “Easy Mac”… I really do prefer the good old fashioned “boiling water, mixing in milk, butter and a pouch of orange chemical powder” kinda mac-n-cheese. You can make some here anytime you want… As for homemade jam, talk to Mema… :) Lovya!!!

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