Man, am I hurtin’ for some bloggin’! That sounds like a Danish word. Hurtenfursumblagen. Loosely translated, it means “more pastries please.”

I don’t know what they eat in Denmark.

It’s been a full and fun week at school. We had Open House last night and so a good deal of the week was spent preparing an exhibition of 65 drawings that our students have created so far. It went over very well, both with the parents and with our principal (which is a bonus).

Now we’re preparing the house for our good buddy Shailen who is visiting from College Station. He’s one of the links to the right as a matter of fact. We are also housing another good buddy of ours, Tyler Blue. If that sounds like an interesting name for a human, it’s because Tyler is a Weimaraner. Some friends of ours went out of town for the weekend and we’re getting to watch after him! It is already a lot of fun, because, it’s not only going to be cool having a big dog to jog with and wrestle; but, it also means having the best dog in the 75019 zip code. Tyler is a beautiful dog (pictures later) who has been beautifully trained. I already took him for a jog earlier and he “heels” halfway through the command. Even at 65 pounds and every bit of it muscle, handling him is effortless.

Laura’s also been busy at work preparing for a big day on Sunday. It’s a longer story, but basically, a new wing of the Children’s Ministry department (do you call them departments?) is being opened and it’s going to mean a lot of adjusting for her Adventure Zone kiddos and parentos.

We’ve also been painting the cabinets white the past few nights with Laura doing the lion’s share of the work. This is primarily because I spend most of the time sulking and relating to Daniel-San in The Karate Kid. I am all for having white cabinets, but I have not been able to harness my Chi and focus it on painting this week.

3 thoughts on “Upendaten”

  1. I understand the painting dilema…I am tired of painting also. Hope Laura had a good day today. Email and tell us more about it. Holler at ya later!!!

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