Brian wins the Frostee!

well, as predicted, I haven’t exactly been the best blogger. This is official post #2! 😛 But I really appreciate my dear husband keeping you all updated on our lives and goings ons–and I appreciate you all for reading it and caring about what is going on with us!!

So, what possibly, could be so important as to warrant my re-entrance into this world o’ blog? Something I knew B would never report but you absolutely must know about. Mr. Rhea, 7th and 8th Grade Art teacher at Polk Middle School was awarded the “Frostee” Award this week!!!! 😀

“Frostee” is this giant inflatable snow man that mysteriously appeared in the school over the summer break. So Mr. Hicks, princial extraordinaire, decided to make it an award/contest this school year. It is given to a teacher each week who made someone’s day, has a great attitude, did something to really help just to help–that kind of stuff. And then whoever has it one week, gets to decide who to award it to the next — someone that made their week, etc. So the new Frostee honoree comes into his class Monday morning, and–surprise!– there sits Frostee!!! And Frostee then hangs out in his or her class all week–until that teacher moves him Friday after school to whoever they deem the new winner!! The teachers have really gotten into it, and it has been a fun first few weeks of school to see who gets “Frostee”. And Week Number FOUR it is…dum-dum-da-da-dum– Mr. Rhea!!!

The REALLY cool thing about Brian winning the Frostee is that, as opposed to how it was set up (that a teacher would give it to another teacher that they thought had a great attitude and did something positive in their life that week), Mr. Cotee, who had it Week 3, had all of his students VOTE on Friday. And he teaches BAND (i.e. a LOT of students). The students shouted out a few names, and he put up the top ones repeated on his chalkboard, and then all day the students voted on the teacher they thought deserved it between those few candidates. And Brian won!! :)

9 thoughts on “Brian wins the Frostee!”

  1. Congrats, Brian! Not only are you a talented writer, great husband, wonderful son, brother and grandson…. you’re a Frostee winner? How kewl is that? :) Excellent stuff, Brian, and thank you, Laura, for letting us know!

  2. Everyone now knows what we knew all along… Brian is the best!!! Congrats and thanks for letting us in on the award, Laura. Cyall next weekend!!!

  3. What sharp, observant students Polk Middle School has! They probably know how fortunate they are to have such a teacher! Congratulations Brian! And what a creative award – to have Frostee in the classroom all week – y’all make an awesome duo. Good work Laura for getting those fingers on the keyboard again and sharing the good news about that great guy you married!

  4. I don’t get it….which one is the award? :)
    You look really good in a tie too. I can only think of one other time I’ve seen you in a tie.

    Love ya

  5. Thanks you guys!

    And Tismia, thanks for the compliment :) Would that one other time be at your wedding, Larr’s, mine or Kari’s? 😉

  6. Hot dang, I knew you were great. I do love red heads, married one, don’t you know.

    Keep up the good work and I love you in a tie also.

    See u Sat.

    Much love

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