Evacuee Housing Update

On Friday afternoon, I called the family we were going to house to see what time they were going to move in and it turns out that they’ve been given 28 more days in a hotel by the Red Cross. It was a wierd feeling, because if it were me, I would much rather have the privacy of my own hotel room so I had to be happy for them. Buuut, it was also a little disappointing because Laura and I were looking so forward to giving them a place to stay for a while. So, the plan is that in 28 days when their Red Cross support runs out, if they need a place to stay they will come live with us.

Things seem to be going pretty good for them, considering. Their girls are enrolled in school and they are having some success with getting enrolled in local Community Colleges to continue their schooling as well.

One thought on “Evacuee Housing Update”

  1. WOW – I am so excited you guys have a blog. It looks great!!!!! I love to hear that you are wanting to take in a Katrina victim family! I wish I was in a spot to do that. But it makes me so excited to hear you guys are and I am excited to hear more. yeaaaa for blogs! Have a great day!

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