Pray for Guatemala

As most of you know, I spent the ’02 – ’03 school year teaching at a mission school in Guatemala and serving in an orphanage there. That place and those people are deeply embedded in my heart, and my heart has just been breaking reading of the utter devestation left in the wake of Hurricane Stan last week. All of the rain and storms created flooding that created horrendous mudslides, and all of those combined have already claimed the lives of hundreds, and thousands more are left without food, water, power, medicines, and no way to find missing family members. 80% of the road systems have been wiped out and there are still entire villages that relief aid can not get to. Mudslides around Lake Atitlan, a beautiful lake surrounded by volcanoes where Brian and I got engaged, have taken so many lives and broken so many families–to the point that they have had to declare the area a cemetary, and sacred ground, rather than continue to try to ID and dig out bodies. Water rose 7 feet in the city where I lived, and I haven’t been able to get in touch with any of my kids or friends there, as most communications have been wiped out (along with homes and businesses) — though I have read that it is “utter devestation in every direction”. Think hurricane Katrina, except that in Guatemala — there is no government, no Irving Bible Church, and relatively few organizations that can take care of it’s people. The country is already so poor, that it absolutely can’t get to stranded people, take supplies to them, or care for the thousands that have lost homes, etc. — the ONLY thing they have is the Grace and Mercy, Compassion and Comfort of God Almighty Himself, Lord of the Broken, Lost and Hopeless. Please, please pray for them and God’s provision in that country and to all those dear, crying people. One of the most distressing things is that there has been precious little media and news coverage of this, as it is left in the shadow of the tragedy in Pakistan. I am so worried that they will be forgotten in the midst of the awful things going on over there, too.

here is an article if you would like to see pictures, etc…

I just looked at so I could link to one of the stories about this, and of course–nothing on the main page — but do not be dismayed, because there sure as heck is a link to a story about Britney Spears pulling her bra from eBay that is obviously extremely important.

It is so, so, so sad…to sit here in my warm house munching on cheetos, and know that there are people sitting on their roof right now that haven’t eaten in 6 days, feeling the cold, cold rain STILL coming down. There are children who are separated — or have lost– their parents and had to hear that water coming in, or that mud coming down. It is so wierd and so hard to imagine–something about having lived there makes it so very real–when you have faces to put with a tragedy.

I covet your prayers for them, that they would be remembered before God….My prayer is that the God who knows and loves each one of us intimately, will be with each pesron going through every kind of anguish. That He would comfort them with the compassion and peace that pass our understanding, and that they might cling to Him who wants to and promises to carry our burdens and be our Rock so tightly right now. thank you guys so much :)

If you are interested in helping in the relief efforts down there, you can give through Mercy Corps.

2 thoughts on “Pray for Guatemala”

  1. I hadn’t heard any of this. We don’t take the paper anymore so this is all news to me. I’ll have to keep an eye on & to keep up now. What a tragedy tho, my prayers go out to those in need there.

  2. Like Denise, I had not heard of any of this. My heart bleeds for these people every where that is having such a hard time.

    I know it is so hard for you after being over there and teaching the children. Our prayers are with them.

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