Laura Goes National

I should’ve posted this earlier in the week, but our very own Laura Rhea of Coppell, TX is in Newsweek! I’m not sure how many of you check it out on a regular basis, but there is always one page that has a couple of Political Cartoons and eight or so relevant, poignant or hilarious quotes from the week. One of those quotes is sent in by a reader and it will say, “Reader so-and-so from wherever, USA sent in this quote…”

Well, this week, it’s Laura! Check it out in the real world by looking in the Newsweek mag with the bird flu on the cover. Her blurb is in the lower right corner on page 25. You can also check it out online here.

What makes this even greater is that Laura and I talk every now and then about our “life goals”. It stems from some cool videos that Petey Pab (Paul) showed us a couple summers ago. They’re things like hike a volcano, run for office and be teacher of the year. Well, about a month ago we were laying in bed reading and Laura says, “I’m going to add a life goal. I want to be in a magazine. Either as a letter to the editor or on the Perspectives page.” First try and four weeks later…

2 thoughts on “Laura Goes National”

  1. Well congrats on achieving one of your goals… How cool is that… seeing your name online like that. Everyone has their 15 min of fame… yours I guess is longer than that since it is in print.

  2. I’m sorry, but I have to say that I’m not surprised at all that my sister-in-law is now famous. I always knew she was destined for greatness! Seriously, L, that’s SO COOL. Love ya lots!

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