How’d They Find Us?!

We have this little stat counter on the blog that tells us how many people came today, what city they are in (or at least, what city their web provider is in) and also, where in the internet they came from.

The latter is my favorite feature because sometimes people will find us through coincidental Google searches. For instance, a couple months ago someone had done a search for “Homemade Classroom Decorations” and that post I had written about tacky classroom decor happened to have all those keywords in it.

Well, today, somebody found us by doing an MSN search for, “Brian’s Wedding, Oregon”.


2 thoughts on “How’d They Find Us?!”

  1. Now those people can read about themselves on your blog!!! 😉 Mema has been found by people searching & coming up w/ her blog. She has gotten alot of genealogy info like that. Cool, isn’t it tho…

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