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Just to let you know what we’re up to:

Recently, a puddle of water had formed in the front yard right next to the house. We had someone from the city come out and take a look. His assessment, “well, it’s either just a little crack in the line out here, or it could be a leak in the pipe within the foundation of your house.” A pipe in the foundation? “How do you get to that?” you might be asking yourself. Answer: jackhammer. Jack frickin’ hammer. Thankfully, and I’m usually not a big fan of the gratuitous use of the all caps, but THANKFULLY it was only a crack in some kind of PVC compression adapter junction coupling something or other that we were able to remove and replace ourselves. Granted, it took two nights of digging and cutting through roots to get to it, but all the same, problem solved. Showers on. Yeah, buddy.

We’ve seen two incredible movies back-to-back. First, Crash. This is an emotionally wrenching story that explores racial prejudice and classism in America. It’s tough to watch but absolutely gripping. Every five minutes you try to tell yourself, “that’s awful, but it’s not really like that…that doesn’t really happen.” Even though it is and it does.

The other movie is The March of the Penguins. It’s the National Geographic documentary with a “plot” that sounds a little dull. Penguins go to hatch an egg. Ok, a lot dull. But seriously, if you haven’t seen this one yet you gotta check it out when it hits video in late November. Or, Dallas friends reading this, it’s at the dollar theatre in Lewisville by Vista Ridge. Go check it out now! These creatures are already interesting but the filmmakers do a great job in telling the story of what it takes for an emporer penguin to be born in the harshest climate on the planet. Let me just say that now that I know, I can’t believe there are any left. The opening credit sequence is of the landscape in Antarctica. All I could think of was how extraordinary this planet is that we live on. The diversity of geography, climate and life itself is so exciting and there is so much to see and discover. Thirty seconds in and I was already loving the movie. Then, along came the penguins. These animals leave the sea in packs and waddle in their awkward – yet perfectly-suited – bodies for seventy miles to reach the breeding grounds with only instinct, God’s whispering, to guide them. The very spot where they were born. That blows me away. But it’s the rest of the process that now has me calling the emporer penguin my favorite animal in the whole world, and it’s a process you should see for yourself. Rent it as soon as you can.

Laura took a sewing class with a friend last Thursday and came home with a brand new purse! It’s very nicely done and I expect she’ll be ready to announce her own line of women’s handbags and accessories in late Spring of 2006. She picked out the different fabrics for it and everything, so not only did she create it, but she designed it as well. Very impressive! These are things that will come in handy when our “back to the land” phase sets in. Sewing, I mean. Not handbag design.

My personal boycott of the NHL continues. I haven’t watched a single game this season and am glad to say that I have no idea what the Stars’ division standings look like. It took about four years to get back in to baseball after a CBA dispute cancelled the ’94 World Series. So, it’s possible that the next time I really follow the hockey season we’ll have a new President, Aidan will be in Kindergarten and Laura and I will just be getting back from Guatemala.

We have tickets to see the Polyphonic Spree’s Christmas show in December! It’s going to be amazing. We’re also going to see Sigur Ros at Bass Hall in February! Two amazing bands in the span of a couple months. It’ll be the first time we’ve seen Sigur Ros in concert and they’re supposed to be other-worldly.

All for now!

10 thoughts on “general update…”

  1. We had water coming out of our front yard not long ago. Unfortunately we had to have a plumber come dig up and fix the cracked pipe. I was inside doing dishes while he had the water off and dirt in the pipes, and I wasnt thinking and turned on the water in the kitchen sink and we havenโ€™t had cold water in the kitchen since. :( Something about the dirt now being stuck in the kitchen pipes…One day we will get it fixed….

  2. oh my goodness, Kari, that is AWFUL! I’m so sorry! Is there anything they can do? Will the dirt work its way out?
    What is with all these cracked pipes?!?!!! I don’t remember reading about this in Home Buying for Dummies! ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. i dont approve of this going to guatemala thing either. take this as a warning, if you do decide to go there, i personally will come and flood your yard.

    of course that might make you move sooner, but i havent thought this plan all the way through

  4. Yeah, Crash is an awesome movie. It’s got so many sad truths and ironies about life! It’s one of those movies I’m glad I got to see once, but wouldn’t want to see it again, just because it’s so painful to watch. Haven’t seen March of the Penguins. I hear it’s narrated by Morgan Freeman, though, and he don’t make no junk! We’ll have to check it out.

  5. Okay, another vote for NOT going to Guatamala here in Waco. Don’t we have enough needy people here in the good ole’ US of A that you could help? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love ya

    PS Like we are going to be able to stop you. When is this going to happen?

  6. obama, huh?
    I don’t know much about him, but from the one or two times I’ve heard him on the ole TV, he seems like he’s got a head on his shoulders.
    Do you think he’s gonna run? anything official there?
    And, what do you really think of him?
    fill me in.


    ps. – hurray for the 8TH comment!

  7. Guatemala:
    There are needy people everywhere you look, that’s a great point. But there is something about that place that keeps tugging at both of us. We’ve looked in to other possibilities in Central America or even Asia, but Guatemala keeps surfacing. That’s still a couple of years away so who knows. When we got married two years ago we would never have imagined that our lives would be the way they are right now, so there’s just no telling what is in store.

    Senator Obama: He was in Dallas last weekend along with Senator Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and I got to hear him speak. It was amazing! Afterward, I worked my way to Sen. Obama and got to shake his hand. This man can deliver an address I’ll tell ya what. This site has audio and video of his speech at last July’s DNC.

    Kari, that STINKS(!!) about your kitchen pipes! Ugh, I’m available to help out next summer, Joe, if you want to make a day of getting that cleaned out.
    Also, Shailen, please don’t flood our yard. It’s already in a sad enough state without a manmade disaster being visited upon it. But if you insist, at least give me a couple days notice so that I can put some seed down.

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