how’d they find us again? rest ooops&FORM=USNO

Ok, so somebody did a search for, “crown rest ooops” and we came up. It’s easy to see from the search results page just where crown, rest and ooops appear on our blog. What is not easy to figure out is why in the world would anybody do a search for “crown rest ooops.”

Anybody? I’ll try to think of a prize for the best suggestion.

2 thoughts on “how’d they find us again?”

  1. Well, I think the answer is pretty obvious.

    The recently crowned prince of Sputtersland misplaced his crown the evening of the ceremony, after getting ‘hammered’ and figured he better find a ‘rest’ for it (aside from his rather bulbous head), so as not to lose it again. And, before it was too late to realize that he is now a Prince and could get a much ‘brighter’ person to do this for him – he typed what he was thinking and hit ‘Enter’, instead of just thinking it.

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