Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope you are all having a wonderful time, wherever you may be! As for us, we’ve just finished an outstanding Thanksgiving lunch at Laura’s parents house in Paris and now we’re off to College Station, Texas in anticipation of the A&M vs. Texas game tomorrow. Kristi and Eric are coming as well so the road trip is going to be a blast in and of itself. They’re both Longhorns (class of ’04) so if the Aggies manage to somehow pull off the upset and spoil U.T.’s National Championship hopes in the process, it could make for a long car ride back to Paris. :) My seat is with Shailen up in the End Zone, but Kristi and Eric will closer to the field. Watch for them on TV, they’ll be the two burnt orange dots in the sea of maroon.

After the game, we’re coming back to Paris and my family is having Thanksgiving on Saturday afternoon. Much love and pumpkin pie.

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