Have You Seen This Commercial?

I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago, it’s the one where GM or Pontiac – or maybe they’re the same thing, I don’t know – is “striking a deal with America“. It starts out with a smooth-talking voice-over guy going, “What can GM do for you?” Then it cuts to, you know, Bob down the street watering his lawn or something and he says, “Heh. How about free gas?”

Voice-over guy, “You got it! Free gas for a year.”

Cuts back to Aunt Jane loading up the minivan, “How about no interest payments?”

“Right now at GM dealerships, qualified applicants can get no interest loans for two years. And you can believe me because my voice is soooo smoooooth. Yeahhh.”

And then it cuts to another “average” American wearing the Old Navy “uniform” and she goes, “How about a 100,000 mile limited warranty?”

Then voice-over guy says something about how, “Heck yeah. GM’s got your back on that one. You want a limited warranty? We can hook you up, maaaan.” I can almost hear GM’s collective consciousness thinking in unison, “Whewww! We sure are glad America didn’t want the unlimited warranty. That would have screwed up the whole commercial!”

I don’t know, maybe it’s not that funny, but I laugh out loud everytime. When I see it come on, I actually get excited and sit on the edge of my seat just waiting for Susie America to step up to the plate for all of us and demand that GM give us a warranty with restrictions that the manufacturers are comfortable with.

Get ’em Sue.

2 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Commercial?”

  1. Me and Kari don’t watch commercials anymore, we just pause the TV until we can fast forward through them. However, I would have to agree with you, it seems pretty funny how awesome they make that ‘limited’ warranty sound. I wander what the legal fine print hidden somewhere in the commercial says too. I’m guessing there is a limit to how many miles you can drive during that year, and how much is the interest AFTER the two ‘no interest’ years?

  2. Those are the commercials that WHEN I do watch them, I will pause & read all that fine print & yeah, that is where they hide it…

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