Winter ’05 has officially arrived in DFW

I’m looking out the windows of my classroom and it’s snowing! It’s nowhere close to sticking but that hasn’t kept the kids from completely losing their minds. :)

4 thoughts on “Winter ’05 has officially arrived in DFW”

  1. Yep… waiting on it here also. Almost can’t wait. As long as it doesn’t get icy, I am ok with it. Go read and read about the fire out at Powderly last night. I could easily see flames when I came over the hill on 271 by Ronnie Thrashers. Looked like half of Powderly was on fire.

  2. It came, it went. Now my bar-b-cue is slicked over with ice. Hope the streets are not. We need the moisture, but not the dangerous kind. Love you

  3. Yeah, CFB schools were also closed so I got the day off, too! It’s been awesome!

    Ha! Thanks for the heads up on Batman. It’s good to know that people actually notice those left bar features :p

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