Observations Made While At the Mall

School was closed last Thursday because of the ice, so Laura and I went to the mall to get some Christmas shopping taken care of. I’m not the biggest fan of the mall in specific and shopping in general to begin with; and when you mix in a barrage of “25% Off Your Materialized Christmas!” signs at every turn, then it’s pretty much a certainty that I’m going to leave with my knickers in a pinch.

I’m only twenty-five years old and optimistic overall, but I already know exactly what I’m going to be like when I’m at my eldest and of a grumpy disposition. I know this because that’s the man I turn in to after about a half hour in the mall: nothing suits me and everything is a sign of the ever-approaching Apocalypse. Teens with shirts that say, “Blame My Parents“. All these girls with their jeans tucked in to snow boots. In Texas! And where does Victoria’s Secret get off with their window displays? No link for a reason! This is a family show.

As certain as gravity, the rising sun and NFL players getting busted for drugs, every generation of Americans deride the one that follows it as a collection of wastefully indulgent slackers with little hope for anything but ruin. With their long hair, Satanic rock and roll music and the marijuana. But even if that sentiment has been true for decades, does that make it less urgent regarding the MTV Generation? If every generation says the next has “gone too far” just as the previous said about them, is there a point where it stops being a curmudgeonly resistence to change and becomes prophetic? Was that point 1954? 1992? Will it be 2013?

8 thoughts on “Observations Made While At the Mall”

  1. Yeah, I think this everytime I walk into pretty much any shopping emporium. It’s funny how things change, yet don’t change, I mean, when women in the 60’s started thinking for themselves and wearing scandalous clothing(mini skirts), the parents didn’t think too highly. and in the 80’s when punks grew their hair out and got piercings, the parents didn’t think too highly. And in the 90’s when girls wore super revealing clothes and boys didn’t have any respect for their parents, the parents certainly didn’t like it. And now it’s just more of the same. We are just becoming more and more sensitized to it all. But everything works elliptically is my belief. Before you know it, we will be right back where we started, let’s just hope we learned something through the whole process.

    And as for Abercrumby and Filth, they are just sellouts that would rather play on peoples lust then actually mean something and be somewhat respectable, I feel sympahy for anyone that buys anything from them. What’s really sad is people who buy there crap actually think they are the shiznit for doing so. Fact is, they are just in need of attention, when what they should be looking for, is a little respect. But that whole debate has been had before. Seems to me that if people boycott you and sue you, what you are doing isn’t right and you should change. Yet they seem to think it’s perfectly fine to sell little girl thongs and teeny tiny shirts that say ‘jail bait’ on them, just to name a few. So Sad.

    Anyways.. there was a reason I didn’t mention the 70’s, I think we all know what the parents thought about their children in those days.

    Peace man.

  2. Yeah, B, you’re totally right. I’ve thought about that very thing myself. I mean, we haven’t been out of high school 10 years, and I can already tell such a drastic difference in the attitudes/trends that command our youth today (not that we were angels or anything…but come on!). And if that makes me sound old and prudish I don’t care. Forgive me for wanting a little respect and for butt cracks to be covered. And in reference to your comment on A&F and the way they market to young girls, Joe, I thank God every day for giving me a boy for that very reason (among others). I’d die before I’d let my daughter wear the word “hottie,” or something equally demeaning, across her adolescent backside.

  3. Yes… people watching at the mall is very entertaining… Don’t these people look in the mirror before they leave the house!!!

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