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Some of my buddies and I have joined forces to create a community blog called “Those Awake“. Shaun describes it better than I could hope to by writing, “ is a community of 4 bloggers, thinking, speaking, and writing together, in hopes of an even broader dialogue with others. Among, perhaps, many other parallel values, the most common thread running through these bloggers is the awareness, desire, respect, dependancy, and growing commitment toward, of and for, the idea of “awakening.” We hope this blog comes as near as possible to that gracious growth, and exists as a meaningful encouragement among all those awake.”

I’ll still be posting a lot here about family-related goings-on, but I wanted to give you all the heads up on the other site in case you’re interested.

Now, a few quick notes. Laura and I did the ultimate in New Year’s Resolutions: we joined a gym. So far, we’ve been very committed and we’re feeling great. For the record, this is a resolution that I hope sees the other side of March. Stay tuned.

Also, between the years of 1994 and 2001 I didn’t eat a single bowl of cereal because it just grossed me out. People would ask me, “What is it about it that bothers you?” My answer would be, “Everything. How it gets soggy if you don’t eat it fast enough. How messy it is if you eat it too fast. The sound of the spoon tink-tink-tinking on the ceramic bowl.” I could go on and on, but there’s no need now. The point is that those days are behind me because I conquered that quirk and have left it in my past like the speck of cosmological debris that it is. What? So, anyway, this is all to say that I’ve bested another distaste that has owned me for over a decade: Nuts. Walnuts, peanuts, almonds, all of ’em. With the exception of peanut butter – which doesn’t even count if we’re going to be serious here – I’ve never wanted anything to do with them. But, something happened over the past few weeks and now not only do I not mind them, but I actually have cravings for a handful of almonds. In the spirit of full disclosure (listening to the Alito hearings is rubbing off on me I suppose) I have to confess that I still think there’s no better way to ruin a dessert than to throw some nuts on it, but that’s a matter of texture and not taste. I continue to be amazed at how much I am in the minority on this one. If I’m munching on a wonderfully gooey, mushy, warm chocolate brownie, the last thing I want is to deal with a random crunch. It just throws me off my game.

6 thoughts on “Those Awake”

  1. Well Grandma would be proud of you. She always has walnuts sitting in a bowl on her table for us to grab a handful of when we go by there. She heard somewhere that it is good for your heart or something… so there they sit. Here’s to healty eating *clink* Lovya!!!

  2. Soggy cereal will still and always be a complete turnoff for me. I either eat it dry or keep the box sitting next to the bowl so I can slowly add a couple spoon fulls at a time to the milk.

    As for the nuts thing on deserts, if there are nuts loaded in my brownies, I’ll totally eat those before I ever touch a browny without them. Just a matter of personal taste…It is strange how a persons tastes change however, isn’t it?

  3. You people and the cereal thing! :)
    I would have to agree with B on the desert with nuts thing….Dont want a crunch in the middle of a nice chewy brownie or cookie!

  4. Oh my, you look like Pepa and share his name, but he loved nuts and cereal of all kinds. He loved to roast his peanuts and eat them from the shell while they were warm . But, to each his own I say. I love you anyway. On the gym thing, good for you, it will help to keep you healthy. Gotta go walk now, I put it off long enough. HEHE

  5. Thanks for getting the “those awake” word out.
    In the description, I see you changed the word “run” to “running,” and I’ve meant to ask you guys about it. I thought that word could be used that way, but I may be wrong! Such as – you “run a thread through something.”
    For some reason, the word “run” rolls off the tongue better (in the description’s situation) than “running.” And, that may have to do with the cool idea attachment of being “run through” with a weapon or something. I liked hinting to the idea that we might also be “run through” with this thread that combines us and punctures us at the same time; therefore we’d have to use the word “run” instead of “running.”
    But, we don’t want to sound foolish.

    maybe I just did with this comment!

    let me know.

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