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Our church prints a magazine-like thing once a month in lieu of the traditional church bulletin, and Brian wrote an article that was published back in November–good stuff! It was also posted on IBC’s online forum, and you can read it at www.tableandfire.com.

Under “Life and Community” it says, “James and the Miniature Juicemaker” by: Brian Rhea. And there ya go!

Another really cool article is “Born Again” by our dear friend Susan Robinson, and it is found a couple below Brian’s. It chronicles her birth experience as she brought Kyla Blythe into the world (but don’t worry guys–nothing graphic! ;)).

4 thoughts on “Elsewhere on the Web…”

  1. Forgot to post a comment because I went to the site to read, print and save the article. I love it… it is so sweet. You did a good job, Brian.

  2. Had a similar experience with one of our kids who got upset because he/she couldn’t say the blessing. Normally, EVERYONE around the table says a prayer but for some reason we didn’t do it the “normal” way and someone got upset.
    It’s been a while, so the details are foggy in my OLD brain. :)

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