World Records and Other Updates

The other day in class, two of my kids had a sort of impromptu staring contest that developed in to a pretty intense match. At first, nobody was paying attention but then as the seconds continued to tick by, everyone became enraptured.

Eventually, one of the kids emerged victorious so I challenged him to a match and he beat me soundly. I shouldn’t have favorites, but truthfully, he’s one of mine. It’s funny, because as I get to know my students they usually remind me of someone that I know now or knew in school and I think, “Oh, that’s the Laura of Polk.” or, “that is Travis as an eighth grader.” But I’ve never met anyone like this kid and there are only a handful of people who entertain me as consistently as he does. He’s hilarious.

Well, he started to talk a pretty big blinking game and so we all thought, “Hey, let’s time him and see what he’s got.”

I started my stopwatch.

At four minutes and showing no signs of stopping we were pretty impressed, so I hopped on Google and found that the world record for not blinking was…get this…SEVENTEEN MINUTES and forty-two seconds!

This seemed to energize rather than discourage him because there he sat at seven minutes still staring at the same spot on the wall with an even more focused determination.

At ten minutes and still no blinking just about every piece of artwork had been sat aside for the moment and the kids were now really cheering him on!

Twelve minutes!!!! We could be witnessing history! (But I’m still secretly thinking, “This would not be a good time for the principal to drop in to say ‘Hello.'”)

But then, at 13:19 he blinked and the magic was over.

The room sounded exactly like what a baseball stadium sounds like when a pitcher has a no-hitter going and gives up a base hit in the ninth. At first, the disappointment, “Awwwwwwww. Man! Noooo!” Next, the pause where everyone sort of gets over it and it gets quiet. Then, appreciation for the effort overcomes the sadness and you get the burst of applause. “Woo-Hoo!! Yeah! Yeah!”

In other news, the Sigur Ros concert is now only a week and a day away. We’re pretty new to the Sigur camp, but judging by any one of these videos, it’s sure to be mind-blowing (if you follow that link, let me suggest Glosoli). Shaun and Richard have been fans for a while and even drove to Atlanta and back to see them. If that’s not an endorsement, then I don’t know what is.

Support-raising for the Zambia trip is going extremely well! It’s crazy. I recently heard Brian McLaren reference another author who says that none of our descriptions or ideas about God are big enough, or good enough. No matter how grand we imagine Him or how wonderfully we try to describe Him, we realize that He is and must be even better. And that is the God we call upon and speak to and seek guidance from, a God that we are unable to conceive. This is how we feel about the response to our efforts to raise support for the Zambia mission. No amount of gratitude that we try to express will do, and only a God that can’t be described because He is beyond it could be responsible for such a blessing.

3 thoughts on “World Records and Other Updates”

  1. A student sitting still & quiet that long has got to be a record in it’s self… kinda like playing the quiet game cooped up in a van w/ 3 screaming kids, remember… πŸ˜‰ Makes fun time for a weary mother… :)

  2. Sounds like you guys had a fun day in class! I cant even go without blinking for 2 minutes!! :)

    BTW…Scrubs should have an extra star there! πŸ˜€ Zach Braff is hilarious!

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