Big Day Out (pictures)

Today was really good. Sometimes you can predict it. You go to bed knowing great things are afoot or you wake up and sense that there’s something special about this morning you’ve just entered in to. Sometimes, a great day just surprises you; that’s what happened to me today.

It’s Spring Break, so I hit the snooze button until about 9:00, no rush. Rolled out of bed and wandered around the house for a while, going nowhere in particular. Then I thought, “Hey, our local Democratic Party meeting is tomorrow. I should call Barbara Ann Radnofsky’s campaign HQ and see if she’s going to be in Dallas any time soon. If so, I’ll relay that info on to everyone.” So, I hop on her web site (what did people do before the internet?) and find the number. A volunteer answers the phone and I ask my question and she says, “Well, I know that around the 27th we’ll be in Fort Worth at TCU but I can’t really recall the details.”

“Ok, that’s fine. Is that something that you guys will be putting the specifics about up on the web site soon so we can know?”

“Well, this is Barbara. So, I’m trying to rack my brain for those specifics right now.”

*Cue a dumbfounded expression on Brian’s face and a flailing about of arms to get Laura’s attention.*

It was pretty neat. I got to tell her personally that I was going to do whatever I could to help her win the run-off in April and the general in November, and she even gave me a couple of specific things to do right away for her which I was able to help with. So, for me, it was a big thing and I was hyped up for the rest of the morning.

And to top it all off, Starbucks was giving away free coffee between 10 and noon! It was a little wierd approaching the counter. What was I supposed to say? I settled upon a confused sort of, “Sooo…you guys are giving away free coffee?” It worked. Suckers.

At noon, I had an appointment with a chiropractor who is also a friend from IBC, Vince. An aside, Vince is seriously good at basketball. To the point, Vince can crack ya bones. I went in for a general physical and assessment about two weeks ago and we identified some problem areas in my spine. And by we I mean Vince. Today was my actual adjustment. I’ve never been to a chiropractor (pronounced Cairo Prack Tour) before and my vertebrae confirmed the fact with a resounding kkkkkrrrrrkkkkk. I left the place with a brand new neck.

Then, I had lunch with Laura at this great little deli. As a school teacher, the one thing that I never realized I took for granted before is freedom at lunch. During the week, there is no flexibility whatsoever. It occurs at exactly this time, for exactly this long and with exactly these people. That can get a little lame so having lunch like a normal person every now and then is quite the treat.

After a flexibly late, relaxing lunch, I set to work in the backyard. Laura and I broke ground on our family garden! A very exciting and greatly anticipated occasion! I wrote about it at Those Awake a few months ago and we’re looking forward to homegrown spinach, beans and other sorts of vegetables several months from now. We’ll keep you posted. And if you stop by, maybe we can even keep you fed.

And now, having just watched Rick Steves travel through the south of France on KERA, I’m sippping on an amazing margarita that Laura makes while listening to a new musical discovery: (new to us at least) Sacred Harp Gospel Choirs. Good stuff.

In the words of the oft-quoted but completely inappropriate role model Ice Cube, “I gotta say it was a good day.”

Laura measures the plot

Brian tills the soil


Coppell Gothic

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8 thoughts on “Big Day Out (pictures)”

  1. I get to wake up next to Kari every morning, so every day is a great day for me :)

    Good luck on the garden…it looks good so far. You might eventually consider buying a small green house kit…critters play a huge part in most unsucessful home gardens, as I’ve found out the hard way.

  2. Well I hope yall have better luck with yall’s garden than we did with ours years ago. We ended up burning 2 rows of okra, green beans and I don’t know what all else. We just weren’t garden people. Easier to just get them at the store. I have thought about putting one in out here but then I come to my senses. Be sure to take pictures of its progress…

  3. Free Coffee? Could this be an attempt to hook the few remaining people who have not yet tried Starbucks? Like the saying goes, “The first one’s free.”

  4. That’s so cool, you guys! My parents have enjoyed planting and tending to a garden for years. One of my fondest memories from when I was a child is of my dad, sister, and me growing tomato plants together. We each had our own plant, and it somehow became some sort of contest to see who’s plant could produce the best tomatoes. It was Becs and I versus Dad, and I’m proud to say that we ladies were victorious nearly every harvest time. And this is especially hilarious because my dad would lovingly prune and dust his beloved plants with Miracle Grow like every week, while Becca and I exchanged high fives every time we remembered to water, which wasn’t that often. Good times. And I bet you guys will build some great memories with you garden, too. Keep us posted!

  5. Thats my boy there, the country never leaves the blood line. Bet Laura has some country blood in her also. Pepa loved his garden, I am sure we would have spent less money for the same thing at the store. But of course not as good.
    Me? I had rather plant flowers.

  6. make your seeds bear a plentiful Sprout (inside children’s ministry reference).
    I’m a fan of the Rheas!
    – I’m interested in Sacred Harp, though I can’t find a link to actually listen to something.
    – I’m inspired and proud of your developing back yard.
    And – I’m reading up on BAR, very interested in her background and her unique and informed perspective, and I’m actually thinking for once about my U.S. Senators. Wow. How much do I owe you?


  7. Search for Sacred Harp on – lots of examples there (but to be strictly accurate, not “choirs” and not “gospel” as such…)…


  8. Good luck on the gardening! Working the earth has many rewards – not to mention the health benefits of organic produce! I’m with Memaw now – I love the flowers. But our years of serious garening/preserving were hours we loved. Mom Swasko
    PS Your Grant Wood rendition of “Gothic” was hysterical!

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