Hangin’ With Mrs. BAR

Our favorite candidate for U.S. Senate came to Fort Worth this afternoon and we were all over it. We got word of her visit through someone at the campaign and weren’t sure what to expect in terms of size, or anything else for that matter. I was just hoping for a handshake, an inspiring stump speech and if possible, a picture with Barbara Ann Radnofsky.

It was a small gathering in the conference room of a Fort Worth legal firm (small, family owned and operated) and we were the first to arrive. We got to chat with the mom and daughter of the firm and they were extremely pleasant and fun to talk to. I think I did a pretty good job of remaining engaged in the conversation, but truth be told, my ears were pointed in the direction of the open front door the entire time, waiting for the first indication that BAR had arrived.

To a lot of people right now, meeting BAR wouldn’t be much different than meeting your neighborhood grocer, but the more I’ve learned about her the more I respect her. Also, it’s kind of nerdy, but I love politics and so anyone who is in the thick of it is a celebrity to me. It was like waiting to meet the lead singer of your favorite band.

After about fifteen minutes, she arrived. I mentioned a couple posts back that I talked to her on the phone a little while back and that I was able to put her in touch with the Legislative Director of the Teacher’s Association that I’m a member of. She was very appreciative on the phone that day and so I was sort of wondering if she would even remember me. We approached her and I introduced myself as “Brian Rhea, I’m the teacher in Carrollton you spoke to a couple weeks ago.” Her face lit up and she gave me a hug of thanks! I think she said something about how helpful I was and maybe even said something to Laura, but the only thing going on in my head was, “Guhh-huh.” It was very exciting!

We spoke briefly (I can recall exactly none of it) and then she schmoozed around for a while before giving an incredibly good speech! I wish I had a transcript or a video because she was outstanding. Laura and I just kept looking at each other and exchanging a look that says, “Wow! She’s amazing!”

So, I had the first two requirements fulfilled, all I needed now was a picture.


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One thought on “Hangin’ With Mrs. BAR”

  1. How exciting that must have been!!! That would be so cool to actually meet someone you admire in your field of interest. You look so awesome & thrilled in the picture. So… have you washed your hand yet??? 😉 I’ll read up on her some more…

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