The One About the Four Girls In The City

Laura and I have something of a nightly ritual of catching a couple of sitcoms in syndication, doing some reading and then going to sleep. For the two years and three months of our marriage, those sitcoms have been “Friends” and “King of the Hill“. But recently, another show has wedged itself in to the schedule and refuses to budge an inch.

Before the past couple of months, I’d probably only seen a combined 35 minutes of “Sex In The City” here and there when I was checking HBO to see if “Mr. Show with Bob and David” was rerunning. From what I’d gathered, it was moreless about four women living sexually promiscuous lives in the Big Apple and gathering to discuss the details over lattes at a trendy cafe while wearing a $400 pair of strappy sandals. Now that channel 33 is showing it in syndication, I can confirm that yes, this is in fact what the show is about – despite Laura’s insisting that it’s about friendships, relationships and finding love. This is one of those times that I really wish I had some good webpoll software to see what you all think.

Moving on, Laura is thick in the planning stage for this year’s gigantic Easter Picnic at the church. Last year was a big success and she’s looking to build upon it. One obstacle she’s facing right now is that the clowns won’t call her back. Now how many occupations have to deal with that problem?

Kristi Leigh and Eric are looking at houses in the Hurst/Euless/Bedford area and we’re stoked at the prospect of their living a bit closer to us! Good luck finding that dream home peeps!

One thought on “The One About the Four Girls In The City”

  1. Sorry, B, but I’m with Laura on this one. Sex and the City is great. And the only friend I’d really call “promiscuous” is Samantha. She does love the lovin’! There are some hilarious truths and ironies about friendship, love, men and women in the show. I love it. But maybe it’s just a chick thing; the only time I get to watch is when Ace is in bed and Larr’s busy doing something else. And good luck with the picnic, L! Sounds like a blast!! I never did trust clowns much, though…now I know why.

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