Polk Panthers on the Prowl!

I’m sure that was a lame banner at a high school pep rally once, but now it is a very appropriate title to this post!

Brian and some of the other teachers from up at his school have been playing basketball in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch City League. This last Sunday was the playoffs! His team, which only lost one game all season, won! (they did happen to have several basketball coaches on their team ;))

It was fun to see him out on the court playing! Having been one of 5 girls (out of 80-something) cut from basketball on the very first day of tryouts in 7th grade — an utterly scarring experience (I can still hear Coach Wooldridge saying, “I’m so proud of you for trying!! *big thumbs up*”– I was totally impressed! Here is a picture of the happy Champs in the tshirts they won!

3 thoughts on “Polk Panthers on the Prowl!”

  1. Very cool, B. The Rhea boys do have the athleticism in their blood! You ought to see Ace throw a ball!! Maybe his ol’ peeps can teach him how to shoot one?

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