8 thoughts on “For my awesome brother, Larr…”

  1. In the voice of Butthead….”That is the coolest thing I have ever seen” Is that a real picture you can get to hang on a wall or is it just an image?

  2. Larr,

    In the voice of Hank Hill, “Yyyyyep.”

    I believe it’s just an image…a quick Google search didn’t pull up any real posters. Let me know if you find something. If you do, it will definitely be in my classroom next year.

  3. Hey that’s pretty cool, B! One question, though: Where the crap is Leia??! I believe she kicked enough galactic Death Star booty to earn a spot in the band! What could she play…the tamborine maybe??

  4. oh well… I just don’t get it… but then I don’t believe I have seen a full Star Wars movie yet…

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