Journal Entry : Wednesday, June 21st

The best thing about today was the play time after lunch. There is a saying in education, “they don’t care what you know until they know that you care.” The truth of that phrase played itself out in a big way when the grounds at camp became a free-for-all playground with soccer balls, frisbees and a random beachball being chased down by hordes of children. It was during that time the language barrier between me and my boys ceased to exist. Finally, we were having simple fun together and it was clear to me, that now, I looked different to them. From that point on, I didn’t go anywhere without at least one of them tagging along close by.

There were a couple of older kids playing wiffleball rather unsuccessfully. They asked if I wanted a turn at bat so I sat my backpack down and took a few cuts then gave it back. The third time that my turn came up, I barely had the pack off my shoulder when Ernest – the smallest in my group – was taking it and wearing it for me.

This child is so small and the pack was so big that now, as I look back at that image, I see Christ. The last thing in the world Ernest should have been doing is carrying my burden, but not only was he willing to, he did it without my asking.

2 thoughts on “Journal Entry : Wednesday, June 21st”

  1. Beautiful Brian, what a memory to live by and tell over and over again.

    God Bless you and Earnest and all of the children. God must have a plan for them.

  2. Your English teacher gives you an A+ for pointing out such an awesome implied metaphor! I know these children have been described as “forgotten” and whatnot, but the joy in their hearts is very much alive and visible in the pictures you guys have shared so far. Isn’t it cool to know that you guys have played a part in that?

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