5 thoughts on “Photos!”

  1. Absolutely loved the slide show!!! You know how did yall have time for ANYTHING else because I’ve seen you make one PB&J sandwich Brian… how long did it take you to make those??? 😉 I would love to have seen that!!! :) The pics are absolutely breathe taking. The pics of camp touched my heart so. How many little ones were saved over the week??? If only one, then it was a blessed trip.

  2. Wow, what a great bunch of pictures. One of my favorites was at Victoria Falls. The one of the rainbow in the mist off the falls. At least I assume that the mist off the falls. Love that one.

  3. Beautiful, awsom, etc. The old Mac wouldn’t do a slide show so I just looked at them one at a time.

    You were very brave to attempt such a trip. Your 2nd. cuz Trent is in africa as I write. Bless you both.

  4. Africa is such a beautiful continent as is most of the world. It’s a shame that it is plagued with such poverty. You would think that the tourism industry alone would be able to convert it’s downfalls to other promising aspects of perhaps commercialism and even more industrialism since africa has very little of both.. I guess education would be the key area in which to focus efforts of revitalizing the impoverished areas… You guys did a great thing, it is quite inspiring to see such actions. Bless you both and may God continue to inspire you to do these great things. If only we could all focus our efforts on making the world a better place instead of destroying it.

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