Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

I’m ripping this straight off of Jay. Nice idea, buddy.

If you could go anywhere before you die, where would it be? We’ll do 4 or 5 places you’ve been and would love to return to, and 4 or 5 places you’ve never been but want to see before this life is over.



1. Glacier Nat’l Park, Montana
2. Caye Caulker, Belize
3. New River Gorge, West Virginia
4. Washington, D.C.

Visit before I die:

1. Amalfi, Italy
2. Great Barrier Reef
3. Machu Pichu, Peru
4. Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam



1. Amalfi Coast, Italy
2. Costa Rica
3. Oregon/Washington Coast
4. Prague, Czech Republic
5. Glacier National Park

Visit before I die:

1. Alaska
2. Jerusalem
3. some island in the Pacific
4. Nepal
5. Spain

What about you?!

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5 thoughts on “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!”

  1. Well, I would like to revisit Austin, Waco, Killeen.
    Before I die, well now, I can’t think of any place I really want to go.

    It took me to many years to come home. I am here to stay.

    Now, aren’t I a world traveler?

  2. OK You asked…

    1. Any race at a race track I have been to.
    2. DeGray Lodge – just so peaceful.
    3. RiverWalk – slow paced…
    4. South Carolina

    Before I die:
    1. Every race at a race track I haven’t been to.
    2. Hawaii – and fly?
    3. Australia – and fly?
    4. Grand Canyon

  3. Revisit:

    1. New Orleans, Lousiana
    2. Seattle, Washington
    3. Las Vegas, Nevada

    Visit before I die:

    1. Broadway
    2. The Louvre
    3. Anywhere in Italy
    4. Anywhere in Scotland
    5. Anywhere in Ireland

  4. Hey, Brian & Laura!! It’s been a while since I visited, but your blog looks great! Did I miss a remodeling? The pics are awesome, too.

    And, since I saw Prague on Laura’s list, I just decided I had to comment, too…

    South Dakota (all of it; I’ve only been there three times already).
    Nova Scotia
    New York City

    Egypt (and all of Africa in general)

  5. hmmmmmm, very interesting question:

    Mexico City
    Los Angeles
    Universal Studios, LA

    Australia (let’s go Denise)
    Any part of Great Britain
    many other places

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