Happy Birthday Blog!

That’s right, one year ago today brianandlaura.blogspot.com was born. It all began with Laura’s first post (and seven since for her…one post every 45 days…that’s actually a little higher than she might’ve predicted). In honor of the birthday, we thought it would be cool to roll out a new color scheme, but who has that sort of time? Some might suggest that a public school teacher with the summer off might have that sort of time.

Instead, I thought it’d be cool to sift through the archives and remember the year that was.

July ’05
Green Thumbs & Red Eyes – my very first encounter with Wendell Berry’s books…a philosophical milestone in my life.

August ’05
Swasko / Zan Wedding – we get a new brother-in-law!

September ’05
Hurricane Katrina Relief @ IBC – our church’s effort to serve evacuees in DFW.

October ’05
Laura Goes National – Laura submits a funny quote she heard on NPR to Newsweek and they print it!

November ’05
“Crawling in to a dark hole for 500, Alex.” – I embarrass myself at an engagement party.

December ’05
Arizona Update Pt. 1 – Christmas in Arizona
Arizona Update Pt. 2
January ’06
Those Awake – some buddies and I join forces to create a hopefully thoughtful blog.

February ’06
J-Mac – nothing to do with us, but hands-down one of the best sports stories (or stories period) ever.

March ’06
Sigur Rós & Transcendentalism – we get to see a band that takes you “to a place”.

April ’06
Polk Panthers on the Prowl – my basketball team wins our Carrollton city league (in spite of my .07 shooting percentage).

May ’06
Not a single post in the month of May. Weird.

June ’06
Zambia Update Pt. 1 – updates on our mission trip from Zambia.
Zambia Update Pt. 2

Other memorables:
Aidan Brings Home the Bacon – our nephew wins Most Beautiful Baby.
The Happiest Place on Earth – Polyphonic Spree in Concert.
Big Day Out – the garden begins.
Hangin’ with Mrs. BAR – we meet Barbara Ann Radnofsky.
Zucchinis Are a Miracle – life finds a way.

Here’s to another great year!

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