Keep Doin’ Whatcha Doin’…

“Chatter” is the monthly magazine-type thing our church puts out in lieu of a bulletin. It has announcements, calendars — that type of thing — as well as articles on random things. Brian has had two articles published in it (I think I linked to them here…?), and I thought you might enjoy reading his third! You can pick up Chatter at IBC or you can read some of the articles online. Here is a link to Brian’s:
Keep Doin’ Whatcha Doin’

Yay! Post number 1 in the new year for me! I’m off to a good start…do you think I will break my record of 7 from last year?!!? *L*

3 thoughts on “Keep Doin’ Whatcha Doin’…”

  1. Laura, thank you for your post. And you really need to do more next year. I read the story Bri wrote last night, but had to go watch the Rangers and did not comment. They had three on, but they lost them.

    Bri, it was a great story. If only all teachers were like that and I guess most are.

    I know I had some good teachers. I guess I drove them crazy, I day dreamed instead of studying like I should have.

    Bri are you going to take up writing? Wonder when your first book will be published?

    Love you both , Mema

  2. That’s an AWESOME article, B. It breaks my heart, yet it makes me happy that this kid has you in his life, all at the same time. We’re seriously so proud of you. And I know how overwhelming it can be to play such an important role in these children’s lives. Last year one of my female students approached me and shyly asked if I could take her to her appointment at the (brace yourself) Planned Parenthood Clinic after school. I was floored. And not just by the fact that this girl was all of 15 years old, but also because she would trust ME with such a private and somewhat embarassing task. All kinds of questions and quandries arose in my head. Is this crossing the line? Would I get into trouble? Where is this child’s mother anyway? Does she know that her daughter’s sexually active? Would she totally kick my butt for assisting her kid in this questionable endeavor? But then again, would it be MORE responsible to take her and ENSURE she was healthy and protected, cuz God knows if anyone else is willing to do that for her! But I actually didn’t have to wrestle with my conscience for long. Since Larr and I share a car, he dropped me off at school each day and took the RAV to work with him, so I didn’t have a way to drive her to her appointment. I apologized about a million times, and I even teared up a little. I felt like I had totally let her down. So I get what you’re saying B, I really do. Being a teacher is so much more than tests and tardy slips.

  3. Thank you so much Laura for letting us know the wonderful things that Brian is doing. I am so proud of him and his attitude in life. He is such a blessing to everyone whose lives he touches…

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