Big Week

It’s been and will be a big week for the Coppell Rheas. Today at church was Promotion Sunday! No, that doesn’t mean that Laura and other staff members got a raise and fancy new titles. It is the Sunday where the kids in Children’s Ministry move up to their new classes! So, the 2 year-old classes get brand new little ones, the 2 year-olds move up to the 3’s, the 3’s move up to the 4’s and the 4’s leave the Adventure Zone for Zone Jr. :( It means a ton of work (recruiting new teachers, preparing parents and volunteers, lining up room assignments) for Laura, so this week has been a busy one for her. But, with two services down, everything seems to be going very well.

As for me, tomorrow is the first day of school which is obviously pretty exciting. I’ve got high hopes and new ideas that I’m looking forward to trying out. I’m sure there will be plenty of stories resulting from the gloriously hilarious failures or inspiring successes that I’ll be sure to share here.

Next week, we’re going to Park City, Utah with our home group thanks to the incredible generosity of Brian & Suzanne (3rd & 4th from left). I’m a little skiddish about missing three days of the second week of school, but something tells me I’ll get over that pretty quickly. When we get back (Wednesday evening), Gene (3rd from right) will have two short days of rest before appearing on Wheel…Of…Fortune!! The show is coming to Dallas for a special “Best Friends” episode and he and a college buddy made the cut (from thousands!). He’s been practicing like crazy and we wish him the best. The show will air in November so we’ll be sure to give another heads up then.

The garden is doing really well! Shaun, Richard and I have been extremely encouraged to see it take off. Not even a week had gone by before the beans and corn sprouted at high percentages (around 95%, seriously). The broccoli, carrots and lettuce are coming up as well. I’ll get pictures on soon. Right now, the batteries are dead and the stupid Energizer rechargie thingy isn’t working. Although, now that I see that I’m using a description like “Energizer rechargie thingy” it makes me wonder if the word stupid has been assigned to the appropriate noun.

Well, that’s it for now. I’ve got to go see if I can outsmart a white whale.

3 thoughts on “Big Week”

  1. Can’t wait to hear all the stories yet to come from the new school year. I’ll be thinking about you & Christi all day Monday. The best of luck to you both. What is the trip to Utah for??? Have a good time. Glad to hear the garden is doing so well. I wish I had the umph to make a garden. I know from history it would all go to waste so I’ll just be happy with my 6 little bell peppers that are still growing in my kitchen window. They need transplanting but I am afraid it will kill them… be good & cya later…

  2. PS… Tell Gene congrats!! It is different watching a TV show when you know one of the contestants… it takes on a whole different atmosphere… still routing for Charles!!! They made the top 3!!!

  3. Brian’s dad has a place up in Utah, so they’re letting us all stay there for a few days just for a little getaway! It’s going to be fun!

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