1 down…179 to go!

The First Day of School is in the bag! Although, tomorrow is more like the real first day…here’s why. On the first day at Polk, the kids go to their 4th period class and stay with that teacher all day long. Before lunch, we go over school policies, check out and cover textbooks, go through the code of conduct handbook, etc. If that sounds brutal, it is. After lunch, the kids rotate by grade through three stations…the cafeteria where the principal gives her big spiel, the gymnasium for games and general unwinding and their classrooms to tie up loose ends about schedules, books and lockers. I’m not sure why it’s 4th period, and not, oh I don’t know, 1st! But! I’m not complaining this year because 4th period just happens to be my conference period!

So, because I didn’t have any kids today, my job was to help with registration in the office in the morning and supervise the gymnasium in the afternoon. Morning registration was an insight. Did you know that people wait until the very first day of school to walk in the door with their kid and say, “Alright, let’s get ’em in school.” I didn’t and I was suprised. But, the quote of the day goes to the disgruntled man in the Dallas Cowboys hat with the sleeveless shirt a la Larry the Cable Guy. He was filling out all the registration pages, showing proof of residency, going from this counselor to that. Finally, the man had had enough and said, “I bought a shotgun last week and that was easier than getting my daughter in to school.”

He followed that up with a humorous diatribe about “the State”. Something told me he had a copy of “Catcher in the Rye” tucked in to his back pocket.

But, even though today wasn’t a normal day of school, I’ve already been reminded of my absolute least favorite thing about the job. The clothes. Specifically, the shoes. I hate, I mean I truly hate wearing dress shoes. It’s just not my thing to begin with and my knees are killing me by lunch on top of it. I’m considering making the move to comfortable footwear and just being “that guy who wears tennis shoes with slacks and a tie.” I think it might be worth it.

4 thoughts on “1 down…179 to go!”

  1. So glad to hear about your first day. I can believe anything people would probably put off until the first day of school. Hope the other 179 days go as you hope & plan. Congrats on 1 down & good luck on 179 to go… :)

  2. My red head, life goes on. I hope you have a great year, and this will be just a dream in the end. Love U, best of luck and hope to see you some time soon. Mema

  3. No kids???? You’re right! This was NOT the first day! Only a full day of classes filled with darling “new” kids qualifies as a first day of school. In the end, I’m not sure you got the best end of the deal – I would have checked that guy’s back pocket for a lethal weapon – or at least the next time he comes through the door, I’d check it. I’m not sure he’d be packin’ “Catcher in the Rye…

    Hope you have a GREAT year – I know your kids will.

  4. I feel your pain on the shoe thing, B. I wear flip flops until there’s literally snow on the ground, so my poor little tootsies don’t know what to make of this “professional attire” thing. There’s a Spanish teacher named Senor San Juan (Mr. Saint John to those of us who just can’t bring ourselves to call him that) who does the tennis shoes with slacks and and a dress shirt. As far as I can tell no one really thinks anything about it, so I think you’re safe!

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