Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

Last week was the first week of school for me and Promotion Sunday for Laura, we’d been talking about going to a Rangers game to celebrate. They were hosting our division rivals, the Angels, and so it would be an important and exciting game. We set aside Tuesday night and looked forward to our favorite seats in the very upper deck behind homeplate.

Then, on Monday I got an e-mail from Laura. Someone had donated luxury suite tickets to the church staff and she was among the first 6 to respond to claim a pair! So, we were definitely going to a game, but in a much, much different way than either of us had imagined.

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We were in the McCovey Suite on the third base side and as excited as I was about the great view, private restroom, free snacks and refreshments, another cool perk was a complimentary program! Sometimes, it’s the little things. :) So, I refreshed myself on how to score a ballgame, found a pencil and settled in to my seat for what proved to be one of, if not the most exciting Rangers games I’ve ever been to.

There were some incredible defensive plays, a grand slam and great pitching on our part. But, the thing that took the cake was the bench-clearing brawl with two outs in the top of the 9th. The drama had been brewing for weeks and weeks. We’d pegged some of their guys. They pegged some of ours. Padilla nearly hit Vladdy in the head the night before. It looked like trouble when one of the Angels’ relievers threw behind Ian Kinsler and then popped Michael Young (who lives next door to some friends of ours. A side note: Anytime we go over for Bible Study I’m always sure to wear my Rangers hat just on the off-chance he’s watering the lawn or checking his mailbox. I haven’t decided yet what I would do if we made eye contact, but I’m sure it would consist mostly of me tripping on my shoelaces and stuttering, “Y-y-y-you’re aw-aw-awesome!” while I fall flat on my already deviated septum.). So the drama was thick, but it looked like our guy was all business in the top of the 9th. Feldman sat the first two batters down without so much as a brush-back off the plate. Then, it became clear that his thought process was, “I’m going to get two outs and then it’s on.” And on it was. He pegged Adam Kennedy square on the ol’ booty and in one motion Kennedy spun, absorbed the pitch and whirled around to charge the mound.

The benches cleared and at that point I was just trying to account for some guys to make sure they weren’t at the bottom of the pile getting their fingers stepped on (what a totally unsexy way to go on the disabled list). Young? Check. Kinsler? Check. Tex? Angrily pulling Angels out of the pile. Tex is the man. DeRosa? DeRosa? Where’s DeRosa? At the bottom of the frickin’ pile. Hitting .320 and he’s at the bottom of the pile. He had apparently recalled his football days at the University of Pennsylvania and had tackled an Angel (a phrase that makes you sound like a really bad person. “Let’s see…what did I do this afternoon? Um…I tackled an Angel, punted a kitten and stole a child’s puppy dog right from his arms.”).

Anyway, they finally restored order, the Rangers retired the last batter and we said goodbye to what will probably be the only luxury suite of which we’ll ever have the good fortune of seeing from the inside.

7 thoughts on “Take Me Out to the Ballgame!”

  1. You do have a way to tell a tale, son… I loved it!!! Glad yall got to enjoy the game in such luxury. But did they win???

  2. Sounds like fun… but did you get a coke spilled on ya and almost yell curse words at a lil’ kid and her mom? No…? Well then ya musta not had THAT good of a time. Nothing beats a sticky back on a long car ride home. Good Times..good times…wouldn’t trade em for the world.

  3. Man, oh man. Your were there???????
    I was jumping up and down in the floor, it was one good brawl. But you know what? It was three days before I realized that Buck was suspended 4 games. Why was that?
    Did he get into the fight? I don’t even remember, did they win???

    And what a great place to watch a ball game from. I am so glad that was the night you got to go.

    Much love.

  4. Wow! That would’ve been so awesome! Larr and I are totally jealous of you and your luxury box, too. I love going to Ranger games. I don’t really know any of the players, or even understand everything that’s going on all the time, but the excitement of just being there is enough for me, ya know?

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