“That thing’s coming right at me.”

Two Thursdays ago Gene scored some tickets to the Rangers/Orioles game. Even though we’re out of the pennant race we’ve still got to support our boys; so Gene, Jill, Laura and I went out to the Ballpark on what ended up being a wonderfully cool night. The heat is finally breaking!

Our seats were on the lower deck of the first base side, probably about the 18th row and as soon as we took our seats we sort of looked at each other and thought, “We are definitely in foul ball territory.” Well, as fortune would have it, in the third or fourth inning an Oriole hit a fly ball and almost immediately off the bat I knew it was coming in our direction.

It was wierd. As it kept going up and up, finally reaching its apex I knew, “That thing’s coming right at me.” I literally only had to take two steps to my left and wait for it to come screaming down. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a glove so I basically absorbed it with my body (hands, forearm and stomach) and then picked it up off the floor. And here it is!

The Rangers won which made the night even better. And come to think of it, we’ve been to five games this season and they’ve won every single time! Now that we’re sitting 9 games behind Oakland with less than a month to play, it makes me wish we’d gone to more if we’re bringing the luck!

2 thoughts on ““That thing’s coming right at me.””

  1. My goodness Bri, get yourself to the ball park. We can’t afford to loose any more this season.

    I missed yesterdays game, I was watching it rain setting on Uncle Chet’s Patio.

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