Twas the Week for Concerts

Last Thursday night, Eric (brother-in-law) and I saw tool in concert. I’ve been listening to these guys for eleven years and truly, there is no other band that makes me ponder my very existence more than them. As a matter of fact, there aren’t many things period that are as challenging and mind-stretching as their music is for me personally. So, seeing them live is (not to be cliche, but…) not the sort of thing that can really be described, only compared to. They are like being in a terrible thunderstorm, but knowing you’re going to be ok. You are safe to look around and wonder at the bursts of light and quaking sound. And you are reminded that you are small, but as much a miracle as the storm.

It was wonderful.

Then, Saturday was Sufjan Stevens in Austin. I rode down with Shaun and Richard and we met up with several more friends before the show. Including, my old homey Lucas who I hadn’t seen in forever. It was serendipitous to find out that he was going to be there because he is the one that introduced me to Sufjan a couple of years ago. I can’t describe the show any better than Richard, who is, fittingly, a Language Arts teacher.

If you sit in a small padded seat on the Mezzanine floor of a Theater in Austin TX, you might feel as though you are soaring. And it starts suddenly, without warning, like being pushed out of a nest in the tallest tree. But as you soar, the soundscapes are domestic and light until the moment you dip into a dive–the dive takes you down into the heart of things–the words take you like a swift wind. There is no escape now, there is only the embrace.

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