the Amish Response

The Amish are raising money for the family of the man who murdered their own children. Yesterday on NBC News, an Amish midwife who had helped birth several of the girls murdered by the killer said that they were planning to take food over to his family’s house. She said, “This is possible if you have Christ in your heart.”

Is it me, or is that the Gospel? We hear about the Palestinian Authority giving the widows of suicide bombers financial compensation. What message would it send to Palestinians and the world if the nation of Israel did, too? I was reading last night about a Catholic priest in Germany during WWII who began to say that Christians should convert to Judaism as a show of solidarity with the outcasts. He did that very thing and was put on a train to Auschwitz.

It just has me wondering about the degree to which we’ve begun to accept violence as a justified option because we live in a fallen world. How seriously do I really take the Sermon on the Mount and the Beatitudes? Those couple of examples tell me that the answer for me personally is “not seriously enough.”

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  1. That was such a tragedy… It breaks my heart. It is awful that things like that go on in this world. Our thoughts & prayers are with each & every family member…

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