6 thoughts on “TPMS Louvre”

  1. Laura, thank you for sharing Bri’s teaching knowledge with us. They are just great.

    And I can’t even paint the ABC’s on a desk we are making Aidan and Kami for Chritmas.

    My art used to be in sewing, but no more.

    I have RETIRED. Love you, Mema

  2. those look awesome!

    Brian – what’s the new with BAR?! Have you looked into the book that’s out? I think we need a post about what’s coming the next month …


  3. Wow, those are great, B! What a creative idea! There are several of those I’d hang in my home, ya know. If someone needs extra credit, tell them they can make one with the name “Aidan” in primary colors and one with the name “Sophia” in pastels. Love it!

  4. Thanks you guys!

    Shaun, a Barbara Ann post is definitely in the hopper. I’ve heard of the book, but haven’t really looked in to getting it yet. Recent Zogby polls have her to within single digits of Hutchison which is incredible. Numbers continue to trend in BAR’s direction. There will be a televised debate on October 19th (only one because Hutchison would only agree to one, despite many invitations from many groups, all of which BAR accepted, more on this later). It will be on PBS for sure…not sure which other networks will pick it up.

    Christi, great idea! Unfortunately, the kids who need extra credit aren’t exactly the ones you would want to hang up!! :p

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