A Nice Day Off(road)

I had the day off from school today, so Laura took this as her day off this week so we could spend it together. On the calendar, it’s Columbus Day, but really, it’s Fair Day. The State Fair gives all the local schools a free ticket per kid and they go and gorge themselves on fried Snickers and funnel cakes. Laura and I went last year and discovered that we are not Fair People. This year I gave my ticket away and we made other plans.

Our friends Gene and Jill told us we could borrow their mountain bikes anytime and today seemed like the perfect occasion. Believe it or not, there are a lot of good trails in DFW and after a conversation with Richard (who bikes pretty regularly) we decided on this one.

This description on the site sums it up pretty well:

You can’t help but think of the scene from “Return of the Jedi” when Luke and Leah are being chased by Stormtroopers on Speeders!! Lots of technical twists and turns, nearly missing (hopefully!) every tree in sight.

The first time through, we were doing pretty good. I went around a pretty sharp turn, narrowly avoided a tree and shouted, “Hard left!” over my shoulder to Laura. Right about that time I heard an expletive and a thud. I quickly stopped my bike, turned around and saw my sweet little wife in a heap on the ground. She was a little banged up, laughing through a few tears, but ready to move on after dusting herself off. I was very impressed! We managed to finish the trail without anymore excitement and found ourselves a nearby Schlotzky’s for lunch.

Before heading home we wanted to try the trail once more and found that we’d learned a lot on our first run. We made it through in about half the time! Laura managed to stay out of the trees’ way and while I didn’t run in to any of them myself, I did have a little bit of a spill. One part of the trail winds up and down through a dry creekbed and you have to split two trees at the apex of each climb. It’s like the snowboarding halfpipe at the Olympics, except with trees at the top…and way smaller, by like, six thousand percent. Feel free to ignore the part about it being smaller. Also, I wasn’t busting out back flips or 360s. The only air I caught was the air beneath my face and the creekbed as I toppled over after running out of momentum before maneuvering myself through the third set of trees. It was a decent fall, I have to give myself credit for that at least. Laura came upon the scene to see me lying at the bottom with a bicycle resting nicely on my legs while I appeared to be trying to revive the creekbed via mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. I dusted myself off (took quite a bit longer than it took Laura) and we finished our ride.

It was a great day and thanks to Gene & Jill!

5 thoughts on “A Nice Day Off(road)”

  1. OH MY, bet that was fun. Not me, I would have preferred a nice quiet day at home, just puttering around. :)

    Glad you guys had fun, and very glad you had no wipe outs any more then you did.

    Love, Mema

  2. wow. Your description of the trail is perfect. I am surprised I never made that obvious connection.
    Def a lot of sharp turns and trees perfectly place for a rough meeting (sorry Laura). But the creek bed incident, now that is funny! Reviving the creek bed mouth to mouth? Seriously Brian, where did you learn to write like that?! Brilliant. Simply brilliant.
    Please, lets go ride together soon.

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