Dance On!

We made this video to play in church to show how much FUN we have together in children’s ministry…in the hopes of recruiting more great people to share God’s Truth with His precious little ones. It is full of volunteers and staff of the Children’s Ministry @ Irving Bible Church … proclaiming that we are still dancing, taking a chance, and showing what we’re all about. (watch for my all time favorite “straight arm dance”…Brian can break out in this anytime, anywhere and I will bust out laughing, no matter how inappropriate laughing might be at that particular moment!)

Click Here!

7 thoughts on “Dance On!”

  1. Pack your bags!!! I hear Hollywood calling!!! 😉 That was great & yall look like you really do have fun. What lucky kids to be led by such a fun filled group. What a blessing to serve in such a wonderful ministry.

  2. ROFL…..loved it….I think I know what the entertainment segment of the next family get together will be. Loved that stiff arm dance, B and Laura, you gotta wear the outfit again. Too awesome. :)

  3. I thought I was looking in the mirror. This is sooo good! I shared it with all my friends. Tell me when you do the sequel…I’m already practicing! Just call me hip!

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