Live from San Antonio…It’s Thursday Night!

Anyone who’s been keeping up with our blog for a while knows that the Coppell Rheas are big, big fans of Barbara Ann Radnofsky. She’s running for the Senate seat currently held by Kay Bailey Hutchison. For months, BAR has continued to gain momentum in the polls and in the press and Hutchison has repeatedly declined to debate, despite numerous invitations from different organizations (all of which Barbara Ann accepted).

Finally, Hutchison agreed to participate in one debate and it will take place tomorrow night in San Antonio. It will be broadcast on all Texas PBS affiliates at 9:00 pm and you can bet we’ll be recording it. I hope you watch it and I hope it helps you make an informed decision when you vote on November 7th, regardless of whether you vote for Radnofsky or Hutchison.

3 thoughts on “Live from San Antonio…It’s Thursday Night!”

  1. good word. I’ll definitely be recording too.
    schedule a specific time to discuss what’s brought up, and I’ll be there too.


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