Happy 100 posts!

Well, I had been planning on announcing our 100th post with the actual 100th post. But, Laura snuck that Nerd Day photo in there on me! Then I had to get one last Barbara Ann Radnofsky post in before Election Day. So, here we are on post #102 saying, “Yipee! One-hundred (and two) posts!”

Here’s to 100 more.

7 thoughts on “Happy 100 posts!”

  1. And I have enjoyed every 100 of them… haven’t always commented on all of them, but did read all of them… Keep up the good work & looking forward until the 200th post!! Hmm… wonder how many I have had???

  2. Good Lord Man 102….we only have 32. I guess I should post more stuff that we have going on. Well congrats. Hey for you 200th you should make one of those ribbon image files or something that says 200th post.

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