Year in Review : MUSIC

I was scrolling through my iPod to get a list of bands for this post and by the time I was down to the H’s and still hadn’t stumbled upon anything that was both new and a favorite, I was a little surprised. “I gotta listen to more music!” And that’s when it hit me that the time I used to spend finding and listening to new bands is now spent finding and listening to lectures, sermons and podcasts. So, admittedly, my music list is weak. Keep an eye on Shaun, Richard, Russ and Lucas for more robust listening recommendations.

* Favorite Music of 2006

– Laura’s Picks

Between the Dreaming and the Coming Through Bebo Norman. Bebo is my favorite songwriter and his music takes me in to worship quicker than anything else. His lyrics touch my soul and edify my being. Even though it’s not his best album you just can’t go wrong with Bebo Norman. >> LISTEN TO A CLIP OF I WILL LIFT MY EYES

– Brian’s Picks

Till the Sun Burns Black Ray LaMontagne. When I first heard Russ talking about this album, he called it timeless. That’s a great description. >> LISTEN TO A CLIP OF LESSON LEARNED

10,000 days tool. The only really heavy band I still listen to and “Wings for Marie” parts 1 & 2 are a good example of why. They’re a band of geniuses who insist upon and reward your patience, and conceptually they’re in a class by themselves. >> LISTEN TO A CLIP OF WINGS PT. 2

The Avalanche Sufjan Stevens. These are the songs that were supposed to have been included on last year’s “Illinois” when it was going to be a double album. When that idea was scrapped and “Illinois” was released as a regular LP, these songs (some unfinished) were placed on the shelf. But neighborly Sufjan, he is a good man so he polished them up and released them this year as a sort of unfootnote. >> LISTEN TO A CLIP OF THE AVALANCHE

Return of the Frog Queen Jeremy Enigk. This CD was originally released when I was sixteen years old but I heard it for the first time this year and it’s a gem. Somehow, I missed the Sunny Day Real Estate bus in high school and as a result I’ve squandered ten solid years of enjoying Enigk’s music. But I’m in now and here to stay. >> LISTEN TO A CLIP OF EXPLAIN

2 thoughts on “Year in Review : MUSIC”

  1. I like your pics Brian. Glad I can help in that department. I am more than glad that you are enjoying Jeremy Enigk. I swear that guy has changed my musical life forever.

    Laura, can’t say I have ever heard a Bebo Norman song, but your rational of why you like him makes me think he’s alright.

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