MLK Jr. Day

As MLK day approaches I’ve been listening to the “I Have a Dream” speech which I’d heard bits of before, but somehow had never read or listened to in its entirety. It is incredibly inspiring and in many ways as poignant today as it was then. It occured to me that all my life I’ve treated this holiday in much the same way that atheists treat the deeper (true) meaning of Christmas…this may or may not apply to you. But, I basically was like, “Cool…day off of school. Thanks, Dr. King.”

I’ve never personally honored his memory on that day or used that time to specifically ponder oppression and racism and search my life for signs that I’m complicit in those things in some way. Now, after listening to and watching this speech, I find myself asking, “Would I have marched with them?” and also “Who should we be marching with?”

So, in a sort of different take on the whole, “He’s the reason for the season” slogan, this MP3 has found itself in heavy rotation on the ol’ bri-pod.

If you’re interested:

mp3 :

video :

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  1. LOVE, love the typepad template here. great color and all. and, I just can’t wait to dive into all the “bloggy adventures”. well put rheas! blessings this new year :)

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