The Rheas Take Manhattan

UPDATE: Some people have had trouble downloading the .mov file, so let’s try a Google Video embed.

100_3436We just returned from a weeklong trip to NYC and it was a blast! There are tons of stories and experiences to share but we just wanted to get an overview up here in the meantime. This is something of an experiment, but hopefully you can download this movie file and play it in Quicktime or whatever you may use. If this doesn’t work, leave comments and I’ll put it up on Google video. For now, let’s just see if you can download the video here.


7 thoughts on “The Rheas Take Manhattan”

  1. It wouldn’t do anything. I didn’t get to see it!! Boo Hoo!! Why me??? Why me all the time??? Can’t wait to see it later tho… maybe it will load later… we’ll see… Glad yall had a good time.

  2. Yeah!!! It finally loaded!!! Gotta ask tho… where is the closed caption??? 😉 Couldn’t understand a few things but got most of it & it all looked really great! What memories yall made. Glad yall had a good time.

  3. Yeah, that was our first room and that really is all there was to it!! We moved out of it after the first night because of the noise and the one they put us in only had a twin-size bunk bed! Somehow we managed to fit in that thing and were able to use the upper bunk as a shelf :)
    Barry, Les Mis was incredible. Seriously, I’ve been singing the songs ever since…and what an amazing story. We were walking around Times Square later that night and I saw a guy with some New Testaments and a sign saying, “Jesus Christ gave his life to save you.” I wanted to walk up to him and say, “Dude. You want to bring somebody to Jesus, get ’em tickets to Les Mis.”
    Sorry about the closed captions, mom! Which part are you having trouble with? Maybe I can decipher it for you.
    Jay, I haven’t seen Borat. I’m worried it’s just a lot of jokes made at the expense of well-meaning, everyday people. I do however love his interviews with world leaders in the guise of Ali G. Check YouTube for his interview with Pat Buchanan and Noam Chomsky. Pulling one over on Joe Schmoe = no good. Pulling one over on famous people = comes with the territory.
    Thanks for watching everyone.

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