A Public Apology

When I miss a call or have a new voice mail, my cell phone pops up with this "Event" screen and it lists everything I’ve missed: "Missed Call: Laura", "New Text Message: Barker" etc. This morning, my cell phone was blinking which means there was a new event, so I flip it open and there were two events:

* New Voicemail
* Missed Call : Jay Asp

Obviously, I’d missed a call from Jay and he’d left a v-mail. So, I clicked "Ok" to listen to the message and then…"Mhelo?" It was Jay. I’d accidentally selected "Call" instead of "Listen to v-mail". Normally, this is no big deal. We’ve all been there.

"Oops. Sorry man, I hit the wrong button."
"No sweat."

Except, I meet Shaun & Richard for breakfast on Tuesday mornings. At 6:30. Sooo…this little accidental phone call came at 6:07 in the morning. I apologized profusely and Jay played it off, but I feel really bad. Jay, feel free to call me at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to pay me back.

Actually, scratch that. Just trip me or something instead.

One thought on “A Public Apology”

  1. Seriously…I was already awake…sort of. I had stayed up late the night before following up on high school art teaching leads someone had given me (apologize for getting me all riled up about that, if you need to apologize for something). Then I woke up at my normal time (6:00, recently), but instead of getting dressed and going about my morning routine, I got dressed, shuffled into the office, and promptly passed out on the futon. In reality, your call probably saved me from being late to school.

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