March Winds & April Showers

Things slowed down a little bit after the NYC trip …for me at least. Laura had to hit the ground running to prepare for a double-header Easter weekend at IBC. Easter Sunday is already a big thing to prepare for (the spike in attendance and the importance of the day’s curriculum) and when you throw in the big to-do of an Easter picnic the day before, it makes for some high stress weeks in the run-up. Honestly, I don’t know how Laura does her job. We’ve
joked before that if the two of us were to ever trade jobs for a week
she would come home crying everyday because of my middle schoolers and
I would basically cause the church to implode, personally offending at least 83% of the Adventure Zone’s parents and volunteers in the process. She juggles so many things at once; I’m lucky if I show up to work with a belt that matches my shoes.

There will be a lot of pictures to come…the egg hunt, carnival games, petting zoo, clowns…tons of stuff! It was awesome!

Just before the big weekend really kicked off, we both had Good Friday off from work so we went in to Dallas for a little day-date. We started off with a nice lunch at Patrizio, a great Italian place that we recommend you try out next time you’re in the area (the spinach & artichoke ravioli is a good bet).

Afterwards, we went a few miles up to the Inwood to see Pans Labyrinth. The Inwood is the coolest little theatre and I wish we went there more often. It’s got the old, main street theatre feel but with updated seating and sound, and reasonable ticket prices to boot! At the very beginning of the movie, there was a slight (and I mean practically unnoticeable) technical problem and on our way out the manager was there with a free pass to “make up for it”. Score! The movie itself was incredible; we both loved it. The story was great and it was visually fantastic, although, we thought there would be a lot more of the fantasy scenes that it’s been recognized for, of which there were only a few. But still, great, great movie!

From there, we went to an art installation of the Twelve Stations of the Cross at City Church. Shaun told us about it and Laura and I are very grateful that we had a chance to experience it. Shaun has a great photo album with brief explanations of each station here…it’s a better walkthrough than any verbal description I could give
you, so take a look. We left the art gallery (which is where they have
church on Sunday) feeling more connected to Christ and his cross through the art than any sermon or song could have done. That’s not meant as a knock against sermons or songs because there is a place for that, but it’s just meant as an affirmation of this type of worship that seems to be becoming more common. I’ll leave it to Shaun and Russ to keep us all in the loop on this emerging conversation, but I will say that if not for these books, all written by two guys associated with Emergent, I’m not sure if I would still be a Christian: “How (Not) to Speak of God”, “The Secret Message of Jesus” and “A New Kind of Christian”. If anyone out there is questioning or uncertain about their faith, I cannot recommend these three books highly enough.

Also, we’ve been getting our house prepared to go on the market because we are looking in to moving over to Grapevine! A couple weekends ago we spent a lot of time in the front yard working on curb appeal and the “Going Above & Beyond Award” goes to Laura’s sister Kristi (who used to have a funny blog that I would love to be able to link to…hint hint) for spending hours and hours picking out and planting some flowers that really make the house look better. They’re begonias and petunias and they’re doing really well. The extra color and attention as you walk up to the house makes a big difference! Thanks again Kristi! But, as longtime readers and close friends will know, our never-ending struggle in the home ownership arena has been the grass, or more accurately, the complete lack thereof. Well, thanks to bags and bags of seed and fertilizer along with some perfectly-timed storms…we actually have a lawn! It’s kind of weird. I’ll walk out to get the mail and it’ll be like, “Oh yeah, I don’t have to hang my head in shame or pretend not to notice the neighbors.”

Well, that’s it for now! We hope you’re all doing well!

One thought on “March Winds & April Showers”

  1. Congrats on the lawn… I sure do enjoy mowing our yard but I just wish it was more grass than weeds that I was mowing… but weeds mow just as well as grass when you jam to some tunes… :) Tell Brian Barker I am so envious of him!!! Wish you had told me he was going, I could have given him some tips: 1. Yell for Jeff Gordon. 2. Plan on cooking out after the race while the traffic leaves. 3. Yell for Jeff Gordon. 4. Get their first thing when the gates open & see it all!!! 5. Yell for Jeff Gordon. :) Hope they had a great time.

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