And it’s your friendly neighborhood Rheas! Laura is 18 weeks pregnant which puts the big arrival day at October 31st…Halloween! So this year it is Trick or Treat indeed!

Obviously, we’re both beyond excited and we can’t wait to get settled in to the new house so we can begin working on the nursery. The most common question we have been getting besides, "How are you feeling" (directed exclusively at Laura, apparantly nobody really cares about my health anymore…I’m like some nondescript cargo box down in steerage) is, "Do you know what you’re having?"

The answer is that no, we do not know what we’re having quite yet. We could find out in a few weeks for sure (technically, we might be able to find out right now but the chances are better later) but we’re still working this one out. Laura, the preeminent planner of the home, wants to find out for several very good reasons. Obviously, the practical aspect of being able to purchase specifics for baby but also being able to have that added connection of calling him or her by their actual name. These are wonderful reasons.

But, my reasons for not wanting to find out the sex until the actual delivery are less functional and more poetic. Poetry does not get you very far these days. The way I see it, almost everything in our lives can be predicted, controlled, planned for and forecast. The things that we can’t control tend to freak us out and scare us. Rather than allowing it to be a source of stress, I’m much more inclined to at least try to embrace it as a mystery and as a part of the adventure of Life. And what is more mysterious and wonderful than the delivery of a new life in to this strange and beautiful world?

So for now, we will just refer to the little cutie as a sweet potato.

9 thoughts on “Somebody’s…”

  1. Oh now, isn’t this wonderful news. I can hardly wait to know if it is a boy or girl. You see, I have 2 gr-granddaughters and 1 gr-grandson. I am rooting for a little red headded boy. But please, don’t name him Elmore. :)
    I wish Pepa could see all four of the greats, Jacob and Elizabeth. How he would have loved and been proud of them as I am bursting with pride.

  2. We’re so totally pumped you guys!! Cool Aunt Chris (that’s me) is poised and ready to spoil, spoil, spoil!
    Part of me hopes it’s a girl since she would be the same age as Sophie. But then again, a little red-headed boy would be so sweet…and poor Ace is already outnumbered. So either one would be great with me…as if I have any say in the matter. Let us know if ya’ll need anything, k?

  3. YAY!!!! I’m so excited!! Cant wait to start spoiling this one too!! You guys are going to be awesome parents!!! I serisoulsy think you should hold out till November 21st Laura 😉 Just kidding…
    Love you guys and cant wait to see yall!!!

  4. Thanks!!
    Yeah Mema, I wish they could all meet Pepa, too. We were watching home videos last night and he always makes me smile. :)
    Kari, I’m not so sure Laura can old out till the 21st but I’ll pass on the suggestions!

  5. What happened to the bun in the oven??? You are so cute… but what happened to my comment? I commented first but apparently it didn’t go… Can’t wait… Mamaw’s Little Bump!!! Guess that makes you Big Bump “Dad”… :) Yall think life has been an adventure… it has only just begun. (or at least in Nov it will) Little Bump sounds like a boy & Sweet ‘Tater sounds like a little girl so I guess we’ll see!!! *SWAK*

  6. I know what happened now… I’ll bet I didn’t see that stuff you have to type in to catch spam… I prob clicked on away to something else & missed it… how do I know this, cause I just nearly did it again… :)

  7. It’s about time I start actually looking at your blog! Man, I’m a bad friend… This is so sweet and the name thing makes me think maybe we should’ve waited. But, of course, I’m happy we found out =). You think about things so “out-of-the-box” and I love that about you and the Mrs. Makes me want to ask y’alls opinion about everything! Oh, to be that original!

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