Just 599 Days Left…

Until President Bush’s last day in office.

"King George" by Clay Bennett

The record of this administration’s incompetency to govern our country reads like a grocery list of failures, scandals and impropriety.

These are only my own grievances (and not all of them). For a more comprehensive report, go here.

Thankfully, the midterm elections (that the President himself described as a "thumping") indicated that the country as a whole has had enough and recent polls put the President’s approval rating in the low thirties. But this means absolutely nothing if the Democratic majority will not stand up to an unpopular President and insist upon getting us out of the middle of a civil war.

Just to be clear, opposing the war is not the same thing as not supporting our troops. I support our troops, but I have absolutely no confidence in their Commander in Chief or in the decisions that he makes. Further, when President Bush says he supports them, he needs to be asked why he cuts their benefits or provides them with inadequate health care when they come home. The President’s "support" is hollow, political rhetoric which bears no fruit.

There are so many reasons that I am ready for this President to leave; as a teacher, as the son of a small business owner, and for all the reasons listed above and more…January 20, 2009, come quickly.

One thought on “Just 599 Days Left…”

  1. I know I left a comment yesterday……
    But I guess I’ll try again :)
    You should listen to Election Day by Norah Jones….Good song!!

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