Cheaha State Park: Delta, Alabama

Update – 6/13 : Photos and updates at

We got out of DFW around 6:45 am yesterday and we made our way to our Cheaha State Park here in Delta, Alabama. We’re sitting in the lodge getting ready for the final push up to Spartanburg.

The drive yesterday was great. We listened to a lot of great music as well as some extremely thought-provoking and hilarious podcasts. We also took an off-the-interstate highway or two along the way so we could’ve made quicker time…but not necessarily better time.

My favorite part of the trip was reading aloud the "Peaceableness Towards Enemies" chapter from Wendell Berry’s "Sex, Economy, Freedom and Community". Richard and I took turns reading paragraphs so the three of us were able to discuss it along the way. It’s a great read with great conversation sure to follow.

Shaun has his camera, so pictures will come either at the end of the week or as we’re able to get online.

Ok, off we go…

One thought on “Cheaha State Park: Delta, Alabama”

  1. Can’t wait to read all about your trip… it is Sat at 1:38pm, guess yall are on your way home. Drive carefully!!!

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