Less Than 2 Miles…


This is a screen shot of a Google Earth "As the Crow Flies" line from my house to Laura’s in Paris. Just 1.77 miles! But, as you can probably tell from the roads, you have to go quite a bit further than that by car…probably a ten minute drive.

Anyway, pretty cool!

5 thoughts on “Less Than 2 Miles…”

  1. which begs the question: barring obstructions (like ‘gator infested swamps) or legal ramifications (trespassing), couldn’t you just walk it in the same amount of time?

  2. but didn’t someone get lost one time trying to walk that or am I thinking of something else??? Wouldn’t a zip line between the two have been fun?? :)

  3. Yes, Jay you would think so… and we did, too! Larr (brian’s big brother) and I thought we could walk it one year in high school and it turned into quite the disaster (these were the days before google earth, in our defense!). For some not-well-thought out reason we decided to go on a middle-of-the-summer day, and headed as much north as east. We FINALLY hit “gate 2 road” (a road near, but beyond his parent’s house) around the point in time we could have driven it five times over, and then walked the WRONG direction down Gate 2 – west instead of east! (we thought we had come out at a different place on it) After walking for HOURS and having no idea where we were, we finally called his mom who came and rescued us in a car — THANK YOU DENISE!!!
    now a zip line….THAT would be cool!!

  4. But I like where you’re coming from, Jay! Now that I’ve seen a satellite image, I think it’s completely doable.
    What do you say, Larr? Thanksgiving we give it a shot?

  5. I just measured the “As the Crow Flies” distant from Tim’s childhood home to mine when we were growing up…….97.19 miles. Little bit far to walk, ya think? :)

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